Retirement Planning

Feel Like You’re Climbing Solo?

I recently watched a very inspiring movie titled, Free Solo.

It was about a rock climber named Alex Honnold.

Alex is a professional adventure rock climber whose audacious free-solo ascents of America’s biggest cliffs have made him one of the most recognized and followed climbers in the world.

He doesn’t climb with a bunch of ropes and supports…He climbs solo, meticulously using only his hands and feet to maneuver tall cliffs.

His most recent accomplishment, free soloing El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park, is regarded as one of the greatest athletic achievements of all time.

Through many painstaking challenges, Alex meets his challenges by setting goals.

I don’t mean to be corny, or sound like a life coach, but his goal setting works for him!

Retirement works in a similar manner….

Set a GOAL and make a PLAN.

You don’t have to climb a big mountain, and you don’t have to do it solo because I am here to help.

It’s time to set goals and make a plan! A plan engineered for you to have greater wealth, lower taxes, more spendable income, keep more of your own money (which would normally go to the IRS) and have a better estate plan for your family.  

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P.S.  Free Solo was a great movie, so if you get a chance, look it up to watch!