Retirement Planning

Snow or No Snow?

We just had our second snowstorm of 2022 this week.  I love the snow and how it brings out the beauty of nature.  Waking up to snow covered trees, houses, and yards with the glimmer of the sparkling sun peeking through the trees is breathtaking to me.

As a child, I loved going out to play in the snow for hours, coming in with my clothes covered in wet snow from building snowmen and forts.  My boots and socks would have snow caked on them and my toes would be numb.

Alternatively, I love going to the beach, in our state, or on a Caribbean Island.  Similarly, I welcome waking up to crystal blue calm waters and white sand beaches.

When it comes to retirement, if the cold weather isn’t your cup of tea, or hot chocolate, if you prefer, there are many warm places to live year round.  This article, from Kiplinger, highlights 10 Great Places to Retire If You Hate the Cold.  The choices are based on cost of living, taxes, and community well being for retirees.  Click here to read the article.

So which do you like…snow or no snow?

*Image: Callie and Cooper-My “Grand-Dogs” Photo credit to Jillian Keane